Not all-inclusive. There’s certainly more out there that I didn’t put on here, and I didn’t update it to include today’s fuckery. But, yes, she has connections to some big hitters. Got a lot of this info from her party pictures, did a little research, and connected the dots.

Years in parentheses indicate when she was photographed with these people. People in boxes together are married. I censored out the one connection because I don’t feel comfortable putting it out there, but with some easy sleuthing you can figure it out on your own. It’s likely harmless/coincidence, but as they aren’t directly involved in SH’s shit right now, again, I don’t feel right dragging them into this.

Some of these people you have to wonder exactly how she met/got involved with them because, let’s face it, she’s a loser. I’m sure we have our ideas, though… 😉

And if you want receipts, it’s all out there on the web, but if you’re having a hard time finding it, I did take a lot of screencaps. Also, it’s easier to read if you open it up from the dashboard onto my main page.

If anyone finds further connections between SH and HW (or any corrections to what I have here), I’d be happy to add it to this chart. That’s what we need to be looking for. Connect the dots…

I personally would love to know how SH and Brooke Geahan became “friends.” I have my guesses, but without evidence there’s no point speculating, lol.

What a lot of these people comes down to is $$$ (which aside from her family she doesn’t have on her own outside of her “work”):


Maybe you could add Donna Karan in the lot? (NYE’s dinner in T&C)


The black box is Lydia Hearst’s Aunt?!? Talk about an incestous social circle and that’s without saying that many people have been left out. IMO given SH’s side/top/bottom job she had access to very wealthy clientele. She traveled to many places thanks to her rich gfs but primarily with her Johns, FWB just don’t pay like they do ;). Quite likely she was one of HW’s girls whom he set up as rc gf/trick for BC because they already knew one another and the rest is as they say (an embarrassment of) history. It’s no coincidence people, there was a lot more to this match than getting re-acquainted.

I laugh at people claiming that there is true love involved, attraction of the kind that ends quickly maybe. But this is almost entirely a relationship of pure convenience from a career, money and social standpoint. BC/SH’s actions and expressions tell me all I need to know in that regard. I do think that if SH gave BC some free rides she may have played hard to get. Men value women who do this, they chase them more. BC was an idiot because he should have realized that prostitutes don’t act like prudes. When they do they are almost always looking for a sucker to latch onto so that they can retire early. I don’t know how men can’t see through that! BC wanted to have his cake and eat it too…then he got played.

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