“Go back to your own country!” I yell at a White person. All of a sudden, their body starts to divide. 45% of their body flies to Italy. 16% goes back to Germany. 7% flies to Slovakia. 12% flies back to Russia. .45775097% leaves for Croatia. 19.5533% flies back to a Native American reserve in the Midwest.

Haha. Except that most Heinz 57 white people have a very small fraction of NA ancestry you idiot. Look, jokes like this don’t hold up when you are half NA and it actually forms a part of your CULTURAL IDENTITY. I sure as hell don’t identify as ‘white’ and have NEVER been treated as such. People who do and are all for white privilege and supremacy SHOULD fuck off to their purported ‘motherland’: EUROPE. Don’t act like you own OUR ancestral lands and try to impose your worldview on the REAL Americans.

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