SH with Brooke Geahan (now in-law to HW) at Halloween party at On Top of the STANDARD, a pretty exclusive club.

On Top of the STANDARD used to be called Boom Boom Room. And it was (is?) a shady place for shady people:

One host says the Boom Boom Room is for “money-hungry Russian girls … looking for serious bank” while another says “Cipriani is … the No. 1 spot in Manhattan for hookers and half-hookers.”

I don’t know of any connections for SH and this Boom Boom Room outside of this party and couldn’t find any, so I’m not going to go there and theorize that she might have been an “employee,” but it is still interesting to see what crap she and her “friends” are involved with. The “bottle girls” article is also a somewhat interesting read.

Quick note/addendum: in my original post I said Brooke is HW’s step-daughter-in-law which is not accurate lol. I think she’s his sister-in-law but I don’t have time right now to look so I’ve changed this to just in-law. Regardless, close ties there lol

LOL, SKANKa is right…I just pictured her at the end of the evening:

Keep digging peeps! The sooner this gets out the better, HW can’t do that much damage control if he’s got 2 fires going on at once!

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