Wow, digitalspy, how nice of you to include Benedict in a new story of bizarre hollywood “holiday pairings”. I’m sure this is just what he needs today.

I am uncertain whether I should laugh or feel sorry for him now. I think I’ll laugh.

I personally don’t find that funny anymore. He started out doing this movie from a good place. He wanted to tell the story of the young hero who saved so many lives and lost his own because of being gay. He wanted the people to know the story, to know of Alan Turing. And it could have been good, without Weinstein. But Weinstein in his arrogance and greed turned the life of the Lead Actor upside down by messing with him and stuck him up with an escort to promote not the movie but the private life of said actor, because it seemed boring and lacking of scandals. Now the actor faces a colossal fuck up of his life, trying to get rid of the escort who doesn’t want to leave anymore and uses every scheme possible to stay and he’s the laughingstock of the business he worked very hard for to be able to do what he loves most, acting. Now that is a fairytale gone really bad and it’s not funny.

I think this is a slow news cycle. He’s not up to anything salacious and public lately, and Miss Thing hasn’t gone to the tabs with stories of mime themed nurseries or considering classic names like Squid or Meal Ticket. So this is what they’ve got to go with, and I know exactly what they are trying to imply.

It’s called a ‘Lavender Marriage’ even when the people involved don’t marry like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. It’s purely for PR and sadly, as old as Tinseltown itself. Basically BC is gay/bi and Anna, Katia and Sophie have been his beards. This could be the case but if it IS true he should look for a way to come out of the closet instead of living a lie. Doing so tastefully earlier on would have saved him a lot of grief.

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