Jessica Grindstaff:  

In her Instagram post from 3 weeks ago she mentions that she will be visiting London for 1 week in February. 


SoGo: Thanks, anon! Interesting too that she would take her daughter.  Although this may just be engagement party?

Wouldn’t her husband come as well? Also she said London, no mention of Scotland at all. I don’t think she would have been all that secretive considering it was a semi-private convo. Unless the nuptials or whatever are taking place in London or close by? Also this was almost a month ago, if the date is set there should be info available. Nothing so far…it’s obvious with HW’s damage control appearance on the GN show that things could get unpredictable. It’s clear that SH’s working FT on her agenda though which would mean inviting her friends however informally. But so far no invites as per friend anon. The only thing I know is that someone needs to stop SH. PRONTO.

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