Cumberbatch didn’t call Cho ‘some Korean’, which is pretty rude phrasing. He said “someone from North Korea” so he must not have known her character’s name unless he thought a real North Korean official was there… He could have said (Margaret Cho playing) someone from North Korea for clarity though.


It’s pretty obvious that he didn’t bother to find out who that was, like a lot of people, and it plays into INDISTINGUISHABLE ASIAN fuckery.

TBH BC is not as intelligent or worldly as he pretends to be. This is one of the issues I have with him. Not calling Cho by her name when she is pretty well known was rude. How would he like it if he were referred to as “That British Guy”, he would probably say “I have a NAME you know.” He may be friendly with Lupita because of their past fling or whatever but if you look at his actual friends they are whiter than white on rice. He works in the arts, travels ALL over the place and lives in one of the most ethnically diverse cities on the planet. THERE IS NO EXCUSE…I’m calling it, he is racist. BC may be outwardly liberal but I think when it comes to matters of race he is a closet conservative. He’s good at keeping up a PC front but having dealt with his kind before he doesn’t fool me. Remember what he said about the ethnic Harrow boys who outed a gay classmate? Why was their ethnicity even relevant? White kids bash gays all the time. See, it’s up to wise whitey to school the darkies on matters of tolerance…


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