Except..a) we can’t be sure he knows yet that he’s a laughingstock and b) a temporary laughingstock doesn’t necessarily a career kill, especially with his undeniable talent and now box office success. Actors have come back from going totally off the rails before. And, plus, what’s he shown himself to be here, a crazy drug addict who will act out on set, go off script, ditch PR events and screw up your film, or a patsy pushover who does whatever he’s told and will fall on a sword for your film? Directors and producers would like that, if anything, no?

If the Marvel rumors are true, then you are underestimating the importance of a good reputation. Having mental illness, chemical dependency etc. interfere with your work is one thing. Having a oopsie baby with an escort and using the resultant hype to sell yourself is disgusting. He expects people to take him seriously? I think the whole Posh Brit image he’s cultivated is a disadvantage in this situation, were he less tetchy and more down to earth people would be easier on him. He pretended like he was above it all, alienating his fandom, whoring out his private life…but now this has all but become his MO. He needs to remember that people are more well-informed and jaded than ever before. We’ve have had it with Kardashian types, fauxmances and media manipulation in general. If BC loses Dr. Strange he’s going to have mainly himself and SH to blame. PR’s just making the most out of the mess that they’ve created at this point…

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