To My Haters

You are as full of shit as your “Queen” and just as demented. Fuck you, fuck your lies and fuck the fuck off, thx.

There’s this concept call networking where you meet people working in the same field as you through friends and colleagues. It’s not surprising you don’t know about it since you haven’t worked in a while and no one would recommand you. Not even to their worst enemy.

Except she literally fucks for jobs that she cannot keep, dumbass. She hooks up with well-to-do and well-connected Johns that she then blackmails because that’s all she can do! I’m quite good at networking myself because of my past experience in marketing and sales but strictly in the professional sense. I can say that all of the positions and gigs I’ve gotten have been based on merit, she can’t! I know that getting a job because you are actually qualified to do it is a foreign concept in your nepotistic shithole of a social circle. Most of us actually have to do real work in order to progress in life because we don’t like conning people.


How do I know? Easy! Your obsession with Godwin’s Law and peculiar writing style is a dead giveaway, as are your device specs. You are even dumber than I thought…

Bimbo Without The Looks

That PR Agent was so right about you! You literally know nothing about what our work entails. I was recruited by a Professor of Linguistics and trained via a paid internship at a local medical campus. We are assessed so continued learning is also an absolute must for us and you learn a lot in 10 years. Accurate simultaneous interpretation using technical terminology in a high-stress environment takes considerable skill.

Sometimes it’s a life/death situation, it can also be gory and many people can’t handle that.

In this field you have to understand what fellow staff members are talking about. You are some LibArts simpleton with no background in STEM but with your connections? You still could have worked as a UN interpreter and snagged a diplomat but didn’t because you simply don’t have what it takes. You had to settle for honeytrapping once you realized that mime school and whoring alone weren’t going to get you very far. BTW I didn’t diagnose you, your DX was leaked and the shrinks hired to make it were qualified to do so, so there goes that argument!




Someone had this up for the Doctor Strange behind the scenes stuff. If I didn’t know who that was, I’d think he was a creepy stalker dude. Oh. Wait.

Darling you are making it way too obvious…so why bother slinking about in the background? I did say SH has helpers…

Look at who Pedo’s dad worked with and at his work for clues. Recurring themes seem to be incest, pedophilia, satanism and cults. It’s ‘art’ imitating life, the Birkins are key here…

Oh, SoFail’s got “local connections” to the Isle of Angelsea alright. Her relative, Pedo Birkin Sr., lives around there. So nice of you to donate some of the money that you stole from Benedict in exchange for cheap PR. Naff slag…




Someone had this up for the Doctor Strange behind the scenes stuff. If I didn’t know who that was, I’d think he was a creepy stalker dude. Oh. Wait.

Darling you are making it way too obvious…so why bother slinking about in the background? I did say SH has helpers…

Look at who Pedo’s dad worked with and at his work for clues. Recurring themes seem to be incest, pedophilia, satanism and cults. It’s ‘art’ imitating life, the Birkins are key here…

Oh, SoFail’s got “local connections” to the Isle of Angelsea alright. Her relative, Pedo Birkin Sr., lives around there. So nice of you to donate some of the money that you stole from Benedict in exchange for cheap PR. Naff slag…

Happy 50th birthday, Hatorfisch. Maybe this will be the year you finally grow up. Anna is a sad, obsessed woman child with no love in her life, Aeltri suffers from multiple mental health issues and needs help, but you get up every day and make a choice to invent new lies about two strangers just to get attention, and that makes you just plain pathetic and evil. No wonder your life sucks. No wonder you are so unhappy. Lying liar who lies.


Who’s the compulsive liar with the multiple Cluster B DX? That’s right, SoFail! Who’s the pedo pimp with multiple Class A felonies on her record? SoFail! Who has to shake narc supply out of her fauxmance co-star because she’s a useless and fetchless POS? SoFail! You braindead Nans are just mad because we don’t suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome like y’all do. You are even more pathetic than Maggot’s Sugars! Ask Erik and Cillian if we lied 😏…

Attacking Sophie, her friends and her family won’t make Ben fall in love with you. He’ll never leave his wife and kids no matter how much you threaten him. In short, Ben doesn’t give a damn about you, he never has and never will. So you can stop acting like a cunt, it’s not going to change a damn thing. Seriously Adriana, just get help.

WTF are you going on about? Who began attacking who? Bitch please, even the Rat knows that we haven’t leveled death threats against Benedict but SoFail sure as hell has. They also know that Skeptics had nothing to do with yesterday’s BS, that it was all her. It’s a pattern of toxic behavior that she never deviates from. Does she give a flying fuck about Benedict? NO. She wants to kill him like the animals she tortured for fun during her youth and yes, we heard about that too. She’s abused him in front of his friends and even Rat personnel which is why he’s been shadowed. Oh, the things they now know about all of you idiots! Benedict’s parents, his sister and his niece are his family, I believe that they truly care about him. SoFail’s family who one insider referred to as a “nest of vipers”, has only ever taken advantage of him. We heard that her parents and her brother Tim also resorted to threats! Ditto for her friends, but they will all get what’s coming to them and soon. That much is a guarantee because karma (and the WH) don’t discriminate…

Are you aware that paranoid schizophrenia can be treated? You don’t have to make the people around you suffer. All you have to do is ask for help. Think of others for once.

I don’t have a MH DX and a slew of psych meds, which is more than I can say for you. Are you aware that there is no treatment for your NPD+BPD+ASPD+DID DX? Are you also aware that self-medicating with hard drugs is a no-no? No wonder you went apeshit on that Marvel Studios set! The only time you think of others is when you plan on how to fuck them over, you parasite. Sucks to be you! Yes, I know Benedict’s a crackpot but at least he tries? to be ‘nice’ even if he does fuck all to manage his EBDs 🙄…

The Antifa was modeled after the Nazis? Hell, I knew US education was shit, but that is ridiculous or did you just skipped the history lessons. No, let me guess you read it on one of the Trumpist fan websites you follow. And yes, I am British and so you know there are POC in Britain. But I guess as your knowledge is quite limited you think we all look like the Queen. And the way you jump at me shows that what I said must be true.

You certainly cut class altogether because your critical thinking skills are shyte. AntiFa behave like the Brownshirts of the DNC, unlike the original Antifaschistische Aktion that was made up mainly of true Anarchists. You didn’t hear them whine about some billionaire sponsor not paying them on time! Neither AntiFa nor you are fooling anyone, now you claim to be a WOC yet you’ve also implied that you are Jewish and male? Piss off and say “Cheers” to the HeBitch for us! 

LOL, I own my damn house and earn an honest living. I’m an only child and single by choice, unlike you I’m not the one who gets dumped! You, Miss Cunter, are a 43 year old conwoman, a drug-addicted and mentally ill hooker that looks 53, remember when people thought you were Tracy? You’ve got some nerve trying to act like you’re better than Skeptics. Whose couch are you surfing on now? GTFO with your stale Wonder Bread ass, milquetoast bitch…

PS: Those are facts not theories and you’re mad because you showed your hand. Sucks to be you!

¡Ay, Adrianita! Los años pasan y seguís tan idiota y lunática como siempre y ya pasaste los 40 pirulos. ¿De qué amigos hablás si no tenés ninguno? ¿Tus fuentes son personas que publican en foros de chismorreo? Pobrecita. Andá a terapia y conseguite un novio de una buena vez. Saludos al TRDJ la próxima vez que le escribas como UK Anon. Jajaja. Espero ansiosamente tus insultos.

Pobre Eloise Fornieles, cada vez estas más boluda y guarra. ¡Yo por lo menos aparento una década menos mientras que a ti se te ve una de más! ¿Que tal Connecticut? ¿Acaso te sigues escondiendo de la mafya o de los Federales? Mis fuentes saben acerca de esos negocios y mucho más. Para que sepas a mis amistades las selecciono muy bien, yo no ando con basura como ustedes. Tú eres la que no tienes ni amigos ni pareja porque eres una puta insoportable. ¿Por que me ha de importar la opinion de una gentusa de mierda? ¡En vez de seguir jodiendo mejor vete tu a chupar un pirulin! 

I am sorry, but aeltrileaf is extremely transphobic and is also harrassing complete strangers on Twitter again. I really do not understand why someone like you gives her a platform. Most skeptics have decided a long time ago that she’s unwell and have her blocked. She supports Trump, she is openly homophobic, transphobic and antisemitic. Not to mention super aggressive and rude to anyone who tries to talk some sense into her. I hate to see her appear on your blog. Sorry.


Sorry, too. But I actually know her and she’s not antisemitic, she’s Anti-Zionist, and there IS a difference. As for transphobic? I get why you think that. But she’s not that, either. She’s just not politically correct. As for Trump? She is not a fan.

Hey, fuck you ad-hominem. You don’t get to question my cred OK? Stop lying, no one from your camp has ever approached me respectfully. The messages I’ve gotten are rude, many have been full of expletives! I’m disliked by some people because I know my shit and I refuse to sugarcoat a damn thing. I’m only AntiBS and decidedly not PC. Correction, many of the Nannies have blocked me because I tend to rip their beloved PR narratives apart. Did you bother reading what I said you idiot? You have no idea what we’ve been put through! Complete strangers? Ha! Those Team Soso Twaters are behind a 4 year harrassment campaign against Skeptics! If we out unpleasant truths about them it’s only to give them a taste of their own medicine. If you don’t like the way we do things then GTFO our blogs. Obvious PR plant is obvious…

PSA: Overinvested Trolls


If you think only the Antis and Stannies troll? I’ve got news for you, some of SH’s friends have engaged in this behavior as well. Gambles didn’t even bother hiding his identity when he trolled the BeyHive, remember? Jaime Byng and Shaun Usher openly ridiculed TFOE as Ben’s self-styled Fandom Police tore into her. TFOE was a teenager who closed most if not all of her social media accounts after being threatened at home and at school. Since then, other people both inside and outside of the skeptic community have been viciously attacked. BC gives the Antis/Stannies cookies so they keep doing it, if he stopped rewarding them they would behave. Simple as that. When people claim that a victim is “psychotic” or a “liar” simply for talking about harassment it is deeply hurtful. I refuse to let anyone gaslight me, I know very well what I have both seen and heard. I have documented proof… 

I am not going to go into too many details but here goes…about 3 months ago I started getting a barrage of hateful messages. They were mocking in tone and based on the idioms used I was able to get a good idea of their possible origin. It’s no surprise that the overall profile coincides with that of one of SH’s close friends. In addition to this I received three anonymous phone calls via an international proxy number around the beginning of August. The timing etc. was telling, that’s all I can say. While I did not answer the first two I picked up on the third. This is where it gets very interesting and troubling, the woman on the other side sounded exactly like you guessed it. Same accent, same pitch, same everything. If it was an impersonation it was flawless but I have my doubts about that. Furthermore there was a man in the background, his voice was medium-high pitched and he too spoke with an RP accent. I will not repeat what they said but I thought I should share this in light of what has happened recently. 

A reminder of when it all began…




And here is the reading of James and the Giant Peach…

Oh my goddess, Benedict is the voice of one of the aunts, Meryl Streep the other.

Yeah, Aunt Spiker :)) 

The One Ring reappears…JFC is he taking PR pointers from Brian Austin Green 🙄?


Soooo, did they rebuild it themselves during the lockdown or while Benedict was away for months in NZ? Are the Dismals set to become the UK’s Chip and Joanna Gains? Benedict already owned one property on IoW prior to the ShamWow BTW. Let me guess? SoFail’s ‘hinting’ that she wants that as her payout seeing as how both of his mainland properties are under his name only



Burkle and Sunshine go waaaay back-How did MM happen to select Sunshine Sachs?

I have attached an incredibly long and irrelevant federal court document about Sean Combs, the Citizen Change organization and the 2004 presidential election. The document is attached not for narrative, but for sourcing purposes.

The interesting part of the document to me is that Burkle bank rolled Sean Combs’ clothing company, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group to the tune of $100 Million.

Combs, shortly after, founded Citizen Change-a nonprofit organization that encouraged 18-30 year olds to vote. Citizen Change got into trouble because per its nonprofit status, it was to remain nonpartisan.

But, repeatedly at rallies Combs, DiCaprio, Mary J. Blige and others campaigned for John Kerry then. And, the “nonprofit” shared the same address and phone number as BBWEG- a for profit company funded by Burkle.

Guess who the PR maverick was who was one of the architects for the Citizen Change movement, which was primarily a massive media plan? Yup. Ken Sunshine.

Citizen Change serreptitiously, and Ron Burkle directly, later supported massive democratic initiatives and HRC’s run at the Oval Office. Burkle has raised NINE FIGURES for those efforts.

Oh…and guess where Burkle and Combs met- at a party in the “Miami area.”

And one more “coincidence”…guess who Sean Combs sold half of his record company to in 2005…Warner Brothers Music- CEO was Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

It’s. All. Connected.

Thank you…because you are inside Tumblr it wouldn’t post…so I had to do it this way!

Very interesting…..thank you😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Geez…I was so tired last night that I forgot the other big connection we all know- since 1999 Peter Roth (hello, Lindsay’s uncle!!!) has been running Warner Brothers Television, alongside Bronfman.

What is one of the shows produced under Roth? The Ellen Degeneris Show. 🤨

As of August 2018, the divisions of the Warner Bros. Television Group combined are producing more than 100 programs for the U.S. broadcast networks as well as cable and subscription/on-demand platforms. That’s a lot of influence.

Oh and one more show green lighted by Roth and currently in its 5th season: Lucifer. It’s a show about Satan being the embodiment of evil, living in L.A., getting in touch with his softer side.

Lucifer…he’s just like us- a knucklehead trying to sort things out in this crazy world. Nothing to be worried about…relax…let your guard down…enjoy the show…🙄

I don’t know about anyone else, but my interest in the Harriet and Mugnut show has passed. They show up occasionally in timelines; yesterday, Harriet sells his handmade rifle (pawn shops are closed, so was it Craig’s?). Today, late to seeing this, the hideous book reading for faux Aarchie, done by a Megnot actress. Face and arms are mole-less. So, nothing’s changed. Still MIA. When they are located, that’s the piece I will read. BTW, nice white rabbit code on a child’s book. What the heck?

Maggot has to keep pushing her remaining backer’s agenda on her way out and her own expiration date is fast approaching. The SoHoes are nothing more than parasitic MKBots…

Oprah is a Grand Dame and one of Maggot’s Handlers