god just saw the new pics. the both look SO ugly. sorry, i said it. she has NO chin. side view is not her friend. he looks ugly w the weight loss and she has looked good before imo, but this last event and these pics she looks the ugliest i have ever seen her. did she do something to her face? ive never been on the sophie is hideous train, i think she can look quite good, but wow. she is looking so fucking ugly lately. and i saw that as an fugly person myself


I get it. I’ve heard she’s actually not ugly in person…but the camera is NOT her friend. (Not like I can say much….I am also so not photogenic). And he looks rough right now. Sigh. She looks healthy and he looks like he’d break in a wind gust.

Well, botox and fillers can only do so much. The loss of subcutaneous fat means SoFail’s masculine bone structure is becoming more evident. He/she’s probably using more drugs because things aren’t exactly working out for him/her. It’s only going to get worse…

Of Mi6 and SRA

Hey Jules, did you honestly think we haven’t figured everything out by now? Stupid girl, Five Eyes should really pick their assets better. SoFail is like Little Miss Liability now, it’s quite fitting that he/she attended clown school…twice. What would someone with few visible means of support, from an upper middle class family in Scotland be doing stationed in Dusseldorf and jetting off to Asia? The links between many families involved in intelligence and abominable practices like MKUltra programming and SRA are very well known. They virtually go hand in hand and even actors like Kidman, Affleck, Damon etc are all part of the network. Doing your damn job isn’t a guarantee that rogues won’t turn on you however, just ask Benedict…