“I marvelled still more that he should be dead and I his other self living still. Rightly has a friend been called “the half of my soul.” For I thought of my soul and his soul as one soul in two bodies; and my life was a horror to me because I would not live halved. And it may be that I feared to die lest thereby he should die wholly whom I had loved so deeply.”

— St. Augustine, Confessions IV.VI, tr. Sheed


Swiss cabinet blames intelligence community for Crypto AG affair

Swiss cabinet blames intelligence community for Crypto AG affair

The Swiss government on Friday blamed the state intelligence leadership for concealing that a Swiss company had for decades sold encryption devices as a front for the US and German spy agencies, insisting the cabinet itself had remained in the dark.
Crypto AG, based near Zug, sold supposedly secure communications systems while secretly owned by the Central Intelligence Agency and Germany’s BND…

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Hello, I am a system. Now, is there anything around birthday program in? I’m not sure what it’s called but for as long as I remember, the week before my birthday is so incredibly hard that I have severe dissociative amnesia. I am clinically diagnosed as well, but even specialists have very little information on what my issue is with my birthday. It’s the one thing that seems to be unresolved in up in the air. Thank you for your help xx 💐


Birthdays can be an important date in people who are programmed. The meaning of ones birthday will depend on the form of abuse and programming.

T.W. Birthday information

In cults the members birthday can have significant meaning.

Birthdays can have coming of age meanings and abuse occurs during these times.

Different alters hold the memories of the birthdays and are out during that time leading to amnesia.