OMG, you really can’t admit when you’re wrong can you? You’re just as bad as Trump and his sycophants. Berkin wasn’t the sketch artist at Guantanamo. He isn’t a handler either. Your story takes 30 seconds to debunk and here you are still clinging to it for dear life. Also, you might want to ask your husband to recommend a real IP tracker. Sincerely, Pattyisaliar anon who isn’t David Birkin and has never set foot in Italy.


I’m not clinging to anything about the Guantanamo stuff. I said I wasn’t going to argue semantics. He worked on something regarding Guantanamo, “officially”. But last time I checked, asshole, spooks didn’t have their REAL job listed publicly. They gave their cover jobs that are shown on Google Searches. FFS, you obviously know NOTHING about how the CIA, etc. work.

STFU, seriously. David Birkin Sr. even programmed Jane, his own daughter so it’s no surprise that the equally MK’d SoFail identifies with her. His grandson simply continued the family tradition…

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