Melosyna is a very ill woman whose delusions were fed by the lies you’ve been spreading for the last 7 years. If you truly were an empath like you claim to be, you’d apologize to her. But you won’t do it because taking responsibility for your actions isn’t something you do. Your behavior has some real life consequences, it isn’t just a way for you to project your own insecurities and frustration. You’re a bitch Adriana.

Truths you mean, seeing as how virtually all of them were confirmed by the Rat. Nice to receive yet more confirmation that ‘Mel’ is another harebrained PR ploy of Team Soso. When are they taking responsibility for their egregious fuckery? Let’s face it dumbass, I’ve been right about damn near everything related to this mess. I’m not apologizing to my inferiors especially not for exposing them because I don’t regret doing it. Think of it as a public service seeing as how those sociopathic scumbags should all be rotting in jail just like their pal Harvey. Then again they probably won’t be as lucky, patsies never end well 🤷‍♀️…

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