people who say “physiognomy isn’t real” and “you can’t see whether a person is criminal or not by just looking at them” always look like rapists, violent criminals or pedophiles.

Why do Nu-Male cucks drop jaw like this instead if just smiling? It’s fucking creepy.

it’s directly linked with low testosterone and increased estrogen due to soy consumption

That’s… a spurious connection. Soy is high in phytoestrogens, but so are strawberries, peaches and garlic.

Phytoestrogens can also block the effects of natural estrogen by binding to estrogen receptors. So if you’re prone to producing a lot of estrogen naturally – for example, if you’re overweight and have high body fat – eating soy might actually decrease the effects of estrogen by replacing the stronger natural estrogen with the weaker plant estrogen.

Soy also doesnt seem to have an effect on natural testosterone. In that analysis, the subjects were eating as much as 71 grams of soy protien a day, compared to the average Japanese daily intake of 11 grams a day. Japan is the country with the highest soy consumption in the world.

So in short, don’t blame the soy, blame the people who are consuming it. Occam’s razor applies here. What’s more likely: that the kind of sociopaths who are usually so loud about how virtuous they are would consume soy as a vegan alternative to meat, or that a staple food of multiple countries is actually a super-feminising testosterone destroyer and we just haven’t noticed until now?

the second choice definitely. It’s social engineering. I bet the soy cultivated here in the west by absolutely trustworthy people like Bill Gates or Monsanto, is especially made to destroy male testosterone.

low testo men are more agreeable and do not resist, also they are more docile and compliant towards social engineering.

Soy itself is one thing but the fact its used as feed for livestock (especially in chickens and thus, eggs) is what concentrates the estrogen in our diet. (Like how the higher you go in the ocean foodchain the more concentrated mercury becomes) Its why girls have been going through puberty earlier and earlier in recent decades.

Personal level, I am very anti soy. When I started getting really tight in my avoidance of the stuff I have had a lot of benefits I can specifically point at. Muscle mass that I thought was just slowly going from being over forty snapped back and then some with no gym time. Thought I was getting arthritis from family history and several broken bones in my hands. No more swelling or pain in hands. Always have been a guy who will without question use violence to resolve conflict, but for several years the anger threshold was different to put it mildly. Now I am vastly more mellow and not been in a fight in at least 3 years.

The garbage is in bloody everything. It really does effect us very negatively.

The one benefit to our food supply being boned is that soy prices are way up.

Unfermented soy should only be consumed in small amounts. It’s not just the phytoestrogens that can be a problem but more importantly toxins known as goitrogens that fuck up your entire adrenal axis.

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