He looks happy, I mean who wouldn’t be happy to be out of the house, I mean it’s a nice day and all… But so thin. That watch looks like he was playing dress up in Daddy’s closet. Appropriate to name FKA Twigs in the title of that article because he looks like a twig. I could snap him in half with out any effort at all. Have you ever seen elderly people in nursing homes when they stop eating? That’s how he looks. Failure to thrive.


Yeah. He’s looking thin again. Just hope the stressor(s) can be relieved soon, you know what I mean?

I’m glad to see Foxy Tim again but Ben needs to stay on whatever diet they put him on for Doctor Strange because that’s when he looks the healthiest. Ben, you are hypermetabolic so stop counting calories and eat as many chips and as much shepherd’s pie as you want 😋!

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