Hi Skippy! Doesn’t James Corden know Markus? There was the opera dinner where MA attended and sat next to Juliette Lewis and almost directly across from MA is James Corden (it sure looks like him). This photo can be found on Getty Images. There are also photos of JC hugging HWeinstein and Ron Burkle on Getty Images. All MM’s people know each other; they are all connected!



I did find James Corben and Harvey Weinstein


And from Tatler…..Soho Toronto


Nick Jones is owner of Sohos with Ron Burkle


And from gathering of unhappy people…

Yes….all connected…..thank you😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Well, you might like this post from Markle’s Instagram

Fatboy Corden’s beard does interior decorating for SoHoe House and JL is also a Scientologist 🤫…

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