TIL that in the rest of the world, a “Yankee” is an American. In America, a “Yankee” is a Northerner. In the North, a “Yankee” is a New Englander. In New England, a “Yankee” is a Vermonter. And in Vermont, a “Yankee” is someone who eats pie for breakfast.

via reddit.com

I like how they don’t mention the baseball team at all

What baseball team

I can’t speak for other countries but here’s how I’ve heard it used:

War for independence, used by the British as an insult: Yankee = (colonial) American

Civil war: Yankee = the people fighting the confederacy

Political arguments by the far right: Yankee (usually paired with the word liberal in some capacity) = anyone they remotely disagree with, even if that person is only slightly less conservative than they.

By people who hate New York: Yankee = people from New York

By people who hate California: Yankee = Californians

By people who like baseball: Yankee = baseball team

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