Hi! is programming only used in cults/RA, etc, or can it be used by anyone? sorry if this was answered before or if it’s dumb!


Not a dumb question at all. Thank you for asking.

There are different types of programming.

Government programming; Which is used by government agencies to program individuals. This form of programming is complex and is completed at military bases, agencies, and hospitals. The programming methods to create an internal world, place in alters, assign roles, triggers, and scripts is elaborate, and completed in a controlled environment.

Cult programming; This involves indoctrination into a belief system using abusive methods. Some of the methods used are; isolation, sleep deprivation, love bombing, starvation, and sexual abuse/assualt.

Sex trafficking; The indvidual is trapped in the group and the above mentioned methods are used to maintain their captivity.

Family groups; The family members are involved in the abuse and indoctrination. The beliefs are held by the family members.


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