Your obsession with the private life of an actor you don’t even like is quite strange. Has anyone ever told you that? Do yourself a favor and watch the masterpiece that is Melrose. You’ll see very quickly that the character is nowhere near like Sherlock. Why are you so upset that a man you’ve never met got married and had kids? What impact does this have in your life?


Obsession? Umm…I think you are projecting.

Is that you, Adam? You know damn well he didn’t. The ShamWow has never been anything more than a ridiculous PR farce that’s toxic to him and insulting to his audience’s intelligence. Furthermore, his sociopathic “costar” has only embarrassed and abused him horribly even in public as per eye witnesses. Harvey and UTA took Ben’s perfectly good brand and half-ruined it. They didn’t need to change anything about him! As much as I liked Patrick Melrose if you are trying to outdo the commercial success of Sherlock with 39 Steps? You won’t, so stop being salty towards the fandom. All you care about is keeping your illicit dealio with the Cunters going while simultaneously riding Ben’s ass into the ground because you owe all of your success to him! He, on the otherhand? Doesn’t need you. Gratitude certainly didn’t stop you from taking advantage of his unfortunate situation and how. He could have died in Prague because of your cruel negligence but you DGAF. I, for one, will never forgive you for that 😠!

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