I hope Avengers sometimes go to Strange like “I need your help” and he’s like “What’s wrong? Skrulls? Hydra?” and they’re like “I’m congested and it hurts when I swallow.”

You think they ever approach Vision in a similar manner to complain about how the wi-fi router keeps kicking them off the network?

Well, NOW I do.

Peter Parker calls Steve Rogers at midnight and he shows up at Aunt May’s in full uniform, shield at the ready. “You said something about Nazis? Let’s go.”

And Peter’s standing in the doorway in pajamas and like, pikachu slippers, and he’s like, “The AP history test is tomorrow. I need you to tell me everything you know.”

Alternately, I’m now picturing Wanda going to basically anyone else and trying to talk about some issues she and Vis are having, and universally, they all just go “Have you tried turning him off and turning him back on again?”

There are so many good comments on this post but this one deserves a special shout-out.

Peter: So what do you remember about the JFK assassination?

Bucky: I think I killed him

Peter: alrighty then

this entire thing is glorious

This also implies that all of the avengers go to Vision instead of Tony for computer problems, when Tony literally made the computer parts of Vision.

Tony is conflicted, as he doesn’t want to waste his time playing IT guy 24/7 but is also kinda hurt that they don’t trust him with their tech.

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