You’re awfully quiet about the whole Matt Gaetz situation. You know, the guy who actually did what you’ve falsly accused Hunter Biden of doing. If you really care about human trafficking, you’d be calling for Gaetz resignation. But of course, you don’t really care, do you? Not surprising coming from a brainwashed QAnon sheep.

Falsely? Ha! What we’ve got on Hunter Biden is so bad that I can’t even post it here. As for Gaetz? We have yet to see similarly hard evidence to support all of the allegations against him. This appears to be a political smear campaign on behalf of the Dims to distract from the likes of Cuomo. Is Gaetz entirely clean? No, but we need to apply the same standards across the board. Unlike you brainless Bluebots, I don’t owe blind allegiance to any member of the Uniparty…

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