The Sussex Connection…

Although I personally did not watch the Oprah interview with Harry and Meghan, I have closely followed the fallout since. I happen to be someone with a keen interest in critical thinking, analysis, research and investigation.

I have to admit that I am a woman who has progressive views but I do admit that I do not take anything said as truth and like to apply logic, reasoning and analysis as I research what has been said to me, regardless if it is a politician or member of the royal family among other influencers and famous individuals.

I personally don’t care much for Piers Morgan, and this is not anything mean but generally I just don’t watch his Good Morning Britain on ITV or anything else as I generally do not watch much television unless streaming on Amazon Prime etc. I do like his crime documentary series I will admit.

So when I heard that Piers had been fired from Good Morning Britain by ITV, supposedly due to a complaint by Meghan who is the Duchess of Sussex, a member of the Royal Family and shouldn’t be getting involved in such things as having a member of staff, a journalist fired through her power, position and privileges, I was much annoyed. But this intrigued me. Why were ITV doing what Meghan told them to do ASAP? Why did they allow a member of the British Royal Family do such a thing, would they have taken such measures if a Labour MP or Conservative MP or even something such as Princess Beatrice had complained?

Another instance that I remembered that was similar, after a supposed backlash after calling Meghan, uppity, was that Eamonn Holmes was fired by ITV as well. Colour me intrigued… why was this being allowed to happen, regardless if it were down to racism or discrimination or just down to different misinterpretations? Two journalists being fired doesn’t sit right for me.

ITV do seem to have strong connections to both Harry and Meghan. They make money off of them, and did so with the Oprah interview that was originally aired on CBS in the United States but ITV got the distribution for the United Kingdom. Royal reporters such as Chris Ship also working for ITV are well known to be biased towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The South African documentary was also shown on ITV with a journalist known to be friends of the couple.

In my opinion, it is wrong that a member of the Royal Family regardless if no longer a senior member or working member, to be pressuring for positive coverage over a varied coverage that is non-partisan and includes scrutiny, regardless if it is someone such as Piers Morgan who has widely known political views.

So I decided to do some more investigating.

The Chairperson for ITV Plc. is Sir Peter Bazalgette. Looking into him I found that he used to be the Chairman of Endemol UK and the creative director of Endemol Group Worldwide – Endemol are the ones responsible for the creation and worldwide distribution of Deal or No Deal, a television programme that had both Meghan starring as a briefcase girl but also her supposed friend, Chrissy Teigen as one too. Sir Peter Bazalgette doesn’t work for Endemol anymore but this connection of his to Meghan’s past work makes you wonder of a conflict of interest, no?

Sir Peter Bazalgette also used to be a non executive director of Base79, now known as BraveBison. Known partners and/or customers of BraveBison have been;

  • – 21st Century Fox
  • – Condé Nast
  • P&G
  • Universal Studios
  • London Fashion Week
  • The wedding of William & Catherine
  • – Vogue Festival 2013

The current Chief Executive of ITV is Dame Carolyn McCall, who used to be a non executive director of Lloyds TSB and used to be the chief executive of EasyJet.

The Lloyds TSB connection is interesting as I did some digging on the Russian businessman Sergey Grishin who was known to have been involved in the Russian Laundromat scheme scandal. Grishin, who was the president and chairman of the RosEvo Group and was a co-owner of the Rosevrobank which was involved in the Russian Laundromat scheme scandal. Having previously committed bank fraud in the billions in post-Soviet Union Russia, back in around 2010-2014, the Russian Laundromat scheme took around $20-80 billion out of Russian through a network of global banks. There were approx. 1,920 firms in the United Kingdom found to have been involved. Interesting is that Igor Putin, a cousin of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, is also known to have been involved in the scandal. $740 million was processed by British banks and the Guardian itself reported that hundreds of banks had helped launder KGB related funds out of Russia. One of those banks in the UK included Lloyds… and Coutts, the latter known as the bank used by the aristocracy and also by the British Royal Family itself. Also interesting is that JP Morgan was involved in the scandal over in the United States… and who were doing paid events for JP Morgan? None other than Harry & Meghan.

But anyway back to ITV.

Through my digging I found that ITV had actually acquired GMTV, the predecessor to Good Morning Britain, from Disney back in 2009. Disney obviously having worked with Meghan with the Elephant documentary and had both Harry & Meghan at the premiere of the Lion King live-action film alongside such stars as Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z.

LibertyGlobal is the joint owner of All3Media, with Discovery Communications in a £500 million joint deal. Interesting considering that the interview with Harry & Meghan, Oprah announced in it that she was having a series out on Discovery+ – Discovery Channel is owned by Discovery Communications. The CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav actually brokered a few joint ventures – one such being with Oprah Winfrey and the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Zaslav is a previous executive at NBCUniversal.

LibertyGlobal and Discovery have a stake in Lionsgate. Lionsgate in 2015 took over distribution functions for CBS Films -> CBS did the Oprah interview with Harry & Meghan. Also very interesting to find out was that Lionsgate Television was responsible for the DVD release of the sitcom Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Oprah’s own network did a spinoff of this series.

LibertyGlobal has VirginMedia as a subsidiary. VirginMedia has a set top box called the V6, which is enabled to use apps such as Netflix on it. ITV Plc sold UTV Ireland to Virgin Media in 2016.

ITV is the sole owner of Good Morning Britain, the show that Piers has been fired from. Looking into Sir Peter Bazalgette I found that he is the President of the Royal Television Society, who has had Prince Charles as its royal patron since 1997.

Back to looking into BraveBison now though as partners of them include:

  • – Universal Studios – Jen Meyer, the one giving Meghan free jewellery and called out by Kensington Palace for doing so, well her father is the president or some very high up at Universal Studios…
  • – Microsoft – connections to Bill Gates and therefore the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Microsoft own Bing, which recently announced Philip was dead albeit he was not.

Also connected to ITV is ITV Studios. The managing director Julian Bellamy used to work for Discovery Communications.

ITV Studios has a stake in the Italian film/television producer Cattleya, who produced a 2017 series Suburra in partnership with Netflix.

ITV Studios also have a stake in Blumhouse Productions; US horror film production company. The Universal connection comes up again as in 2014, Blumhouse signed a 10 year first look deal with Universal Pictures.

ITV Studios has a local operations called Twofour, which has worked with Harry on two adventure documentaries before;

  • – Harry’s Arctic Heroes (shown on BBC1)
  • – Harry’s Mountain Heroes (shown on ITV)

ITV Studios also has Twofour America which produced;

  • – Edge of Alaska (shown on Discovery Channel)
  • Twisted (shown on Investigation Discovery)

ITV Studios also has a 51% stake in Monumental Pictures, which produced Anne with an E for none other than Netflix.

ITV Studios also has ITV Studios US which has produced Hells Kitchen for Fox – Meghan’s friend Janina has starred on this once. ITV Studios US also has produced The Voice on NBC and the Eleventh Hour for CBS. All three of those networks have connections to Harry and Meghan.

BSkyB used to have a stake in ITV but sold it to LibertyGlobal. BSkyB obviously well known as being once owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns The Times & The Sun newspapers (rival newspapers to the Daily Mail & Associated Newspapers) and also The New York Post & the Wall Street Journal, and also owns HarperCollins – the publishers of Finding Freedom. Murdoch also used to be the CEO/Chairman of 21st Century Fox until it was bought over by none other than Disney. Murdoch’s ex wife has a niece Anna Torv who has worked for Netflix as an actor as well. Dan Wootton also used to work for The Sun and got several exposé/leaks/exclusives on the Sussexes such as Megxit.

Murdoch sold his BSkyB shares to Comcast in 2018. Comcast being the one to air the USA Network which has Suits – another odd coincidence with Meghan? And that her ex-Suits costar Patrick Adam something has been coming out in support? Also interesting that Comcast also own Bravo, which Meghan has done work with as well. Very interesting to note that Comcast also own Universal which leads to Jen Meyer who’s father is high up in Universal.

With Disney buying 21st Century Fox, it’s worth noting that they own 20th Television which produces Family Guy, which employed/employs none other than Gary Janetti. Janetti also has connections to Universal through his producer role on Will & Grace. Very disturbing to note is that Disney are actually behind The Prince animated series by Gary Janetti, as by owning 20th Television who are producing The Prince series which mocks the Royal Family and Prince George & the Cambridges. This also ties in the responses by Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner; both are connected to Sky/HBO/Fox through their X-Men roles and Game of Thrones roles, Sophie also voicing Princess Charlotte on Janetti’s series.

  • – Beyoncé has worked with Netflix and Disney and Spotify
  • – Chrissy Teigen happens to be a judge on Bring The Funny, which is being produced by NBCUniversal. Her husband has worked for Disney and Spotify.
  • – The View is on ABC, which is owned by Disney.
  • Hillary Clinton has written several books published by Simon & Schuster, which is a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, who did the Harry & Meghan Oprah interview.
  • – Meena Harris has books published by HarperCollins, who published Finding Freedom
  • – George Clooney has done work for Netflix and his Catch-22 series was by Paramount Pictures which is owned by ViacomCBS
  • Janina Gavandkar – has done voice work for two Star Wars films and was an assistant puppeteer on the Mandalorian, Star Wars is owned by Disney and the Mandalorian is on Disney+, not to mention she is currently starring in a show on NBCUniversal and starred in shows shown on Fox which now owned by Disney and also on The Vampire Diaries which CBS was one of its producers.

Just what I’ve already found out and the constant connections back to either Harry, Meghan or Oprah or all three is extremely eye-opening to me. Isn’t this suspicious, dodgy? Especially when you look into the individuals coming out in support of the Sussexes and trashing the Royal Family also have several connections as well.

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