Team SoSo

In alphabetical order:

David Birkin* – NYC/London

Seiriol Davies – London

Eloise Fornieles – NYC/London

Jessica Fortune Ryan – Dublin/London

Jessica Grindstaff*  – NYC

Henry Mackintosh Thomas – London

Max McGuiness – Dublin

William Richmond Watson – NYC/London

Clementine Seely* – NYC/London

Conrad Shawcross – London

Matthew S. Siskin – NYC/LA

* These are the friends in NYC that BC was referring to in the most recent interview. David did his creepy stalker walk and Clemmie chased the fans away with her “Make way for HRH!” BS. There is more than one DS set photo with SH, Clementine and Tara Jones. Jessica joined SH for BC’s SNL gig after the NYC DS premiere. TJ is like an honorary member because TBH I’m not sure who she’s really working for…


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