What is clock programming used for? I didn’t realize this was a thing until you mentioned it. It made me think of an alter I have who calls himself “the clock maker/ the watchmaker”. I sorta thought we were just internalizing the watchmaker analogy. I met him and he offered to ” Show me where he works” while I was coming out of a dream, so I just brushed it off.


Clocks are often used internally to let programmed parts know when they are supposed to be out.

The clocks vary in design by purpose. There can be clocks set up for day/night alters, seasonal, to turn internal objects, and to simply tell time for example.  

Changing the time on a clock or winding it the wrong direction can lead to triggering parts and programs within the system.

The human body has an internal clock. This clock is located in the brain’s hypothalamus and is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). By disrupting this natural internal clock programmers can lay in clocks.
Some of these “clocks” in the SCN control the circadian rhythms. If these rhythms are disrupted consistently through their 24 hour cycle programming can be started.

The body’s clock is essential for programming. Internal clocks can be set using the SCN. Clocks can be hung throughout the system, grandfather clocks, pocket watches, mirror clocks, butterfly clocks, gem clocks, again whatever they need.

These clocks would be used for call backs, alters to be out at specific times of the year for rituals or other tasks. These internal clocks allow the handler to be some distance from their slave. They would rely on the clocks to call the body back for what purpose they scheduled.


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