I do think it’s a Leetle Annoying when ppl are like omg american food is so narsty and unhealthy.. look at this (food that is only sold at the texas state fair)

It does ALWAYS just come back around to saying americans are such Fatties and of course it is ~Bad To Be Fat~ It’s also very cool and fun because america is obviously the only place that uses sugar or butter to make their dishes. the only place. no other place does that

Also the mock confusion of “why are there so many foods that use cream/milk/cheese??” in areas of the US where there are tons of cows, and “what tf is up with these corn products??” while standing literally in the middle of an american corn field 

you’re right and you should say it (out loud)

Brits committed genocide, globally, for spices they don’t use

I will mock american food relentlessly for: 1. Frying everything 2. The tasteless sanitized garbage you dare calling cheese (gouda….. is not….. an extreme cheese…) 3. Not having a fresh vegetable in sight anywhere.
I will never mock american food for : 1. Being based on cheap calories bc food poverty is a big thing 2. Not having traditional dishes bc its a very young country and the culinary equivalent of a teenager trying out recipes for the first time.

“Frying everything” happens primarily in the American south and is an extension of soul food which is a southern (black) American staple.

Not only do we consistently have and consume vegetables, we have regional and seasonal vegetable dishes and sides.

We absolutely do have traditional dishes that are specific to the regions and cultures found throughout the United States and the varying ethnic groups found therein. We are not children floundering around in the kitchen. We have entire unique regional and cultural divisions of food all over the US that have been passed down and worked on for generations.

You don’t know anything about American food or the cultures that curate them.

I thought I was done, but I’m not.

America is one of the most food diverse countries on the planet largely due to the massive variety of food profiles and cooking techniques melded together over the years.

The southern United States alone is a culinary banquet of flavors, colors, techniques, and food history. Each southern state has its own way of preparing soul food that is specific to the spices and culture of the black people living there. Louisiana is internationally known for its soul food. Tennesse is internationally known for its soul food. Kentucky is internationally known for its soul food. Texas is internationally known for its barbecue.

Did you know that Within the United States we have like 20 different types of barbecue and that, in the south (the real south not Texas), barbecue is not a verb? It’s a noun. It’s literally it’s own type of food that is incredibly regionally specific? It’s literally different all over and we all fight over who has the best (it’s SC).

Thousands of cookbooks have been made to try and cover the variations in soul food alone. Like we haven’t even begin to talk about other cultural influences in American food outside of the south.

“I know food” you don’t know anything about food and quite frankly this whole debate is low key rife with racism.

this also completely erases the huge varieties of native american food that has existed for thousands of years the USA is a young country but people have lived here for fuckin ever and they obviously eat and are a big reason Europe has more than just turnips and depression

Europeans talk a lot of shit when they got potatoes, tomatoes, squash, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and corn from the Americas.

I only kinda skimmed everyone’s commentary because im looking for an excuse to spam this:

People who think American food is state fair food don’t know much about American culture. In fact American food is wide and varied and a reflection of how many different kinds of people have come here and this show talks all about that. You all should watch.

I’m sorry not sorry but I gotta fight the lovely poster up there who said SC has the best BBQ. Uh no, it’s NC that has the best, although I cannot choose between western NC BBQ and eastern NC BBQ… both are equally valid. 

Please! Memphis BBQ. Hands down. Although for beef, which isn’t BBQ (inside joke)….KC wins it.

@gatorfisch I’ve actually never been to Memphis or had their BBQ! I think I’m gonna ask a friend of mine who is the kind of person willing to do this with me, if she wants to drive over to Memphis one day for some BBQ. I’m sure it’s not more than a few hours away, I’m maybe an hour from the NC/TN border, maybe less.

Beef sure as hell ain’t BBQ, except for brisket. Brisket can stay in the club, but it’s a bit salty for my taste. I love pulled pork BBQ, and honestly, I only stand up for NC’s bbq b/c I live here. LOL Honestly I love ALL BBQ.

I’m a fan of the many different varieties. And it’s about 3-4 hours ( depending on roads) from one end of TN to the other. But they don’t have interstates everywhere, so there may be some country highway driving involved. Memphis BBQ is dry rub, predominantly, but it is absolutely yummy. My hands down favorite is Pulled Pork, but I prefer a Missouri sweet sauce to the GA/Carolina mustard/vinegar. Not gonna lie, I’m kinda fond of the “bastard” way of BBQ-start with a dry rub, but about halfway through, start slathering that meat with sauce. Now I’m hungry. Too bad I live in the Mountain west, where chains are the only place to get decent BBQ. Otherwise, people only do ribs. Sigh.

Oh, and anyone who loves BBQ and is within driving distance: King’s BBQ in Eustis, FL. Been around since the 50s and is only open on weekends. I know people who would drive 200 miles round trip for it. I know in the local Publix stores, they sell their sauce, but I don’t know about the rest of the Publix universe. So freaking good. Just googled and you can get it on EBay! Here’s their website (it’s officially called Kings Taste):

@gatorfisch It really is too bad you live all the way on the other side of the country, b/c if you lived anywhere close to me, I would totally come pick you up and we going for BBQ. LOL

Ha! Well, we are actually waiting to hear if Mr Gator can transfer. If he can, we are moving back to the South (either NC or FL, depending). So I may take you up on that

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