“They aren’t his “interns”, though” BUT: do you believe they are who they say they are though? (They portray themselves as being normal—having full-time jobs, married, etc.) I came by one of those nanny accounts & was genuinely puzzled by the amount of content they put out. How do they have the time & energy for all of that content?? They also stalk everybody accross the spectrum (TIME-CONSUMING). One nan on tumblr posts abt u almost daily. I only work part-time & I don’t have the time for that.

By bought off I meant that they may have been recruited as PR plants. In fact, we’ve already caught a few pretending to be Skeptics. Some are hostile and obviously work for Team Soso. You also have to remember that Talent/PR Agencies often have their own agenda which doesn’t necessarily align with that of their primary client. There are some bonafide Superstans like Janet Fong however but her family is said to be wealthy…

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