“Cheeto simply aligned himself with that, he’s isn’t the root cause of the acrimonious feud between the Left and the Right.” it’s a pattern… Trump could’ve called it the “WHO virus” and people wouldn’t forget the fact that it originated in China. My mom’s got Chinese blood, my dad’s a Muslim. Trump never invaded a Muslim country, he said wars were a mistake. I’m glad people are fighting against anti-Asian violence, but i don’t appreciate my race being weaponised for anti-Trump narratives👎🏼👎

Again, they are deflecting from the real issue. Many of the so-called “woke” Dems in particular are deliberately pitting different ethnic groups against one another. They place all of the blame for violence against asians on white nationalists when the majority of the recent attacks on both asians and latinos have been carried out by black people. This is the direct result of condoning BLM’s violent tactics and the promotion of a destructive form of identity politics that does nothing whatsoever to correct the wrongs of the past. They are focusing on what divides us rather than on reconciliation and what unites us as Americans 😔.

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