Apparently there are two BC interns on Twitter I’m not sure if you know them but one is @/duskybatfishgrl and the other is @/lichtblickpink they are trying to get people like your good self who tell the truth about zero suspended from social media.


Ah yes, the nanny police. Those two have been trying to get me suspended for over 5 years, with absolutely no success. And the ironic thing is, I’m not even posting that much about the sham now! Most of my stuff is political. I might post some BC stuff, like some of the recent interviews, but I’m not even doing much commentary anymore. Guess they are afraid people might go back and look at my old stuff? Or maybe they just can’t stand anyone who thinks differently than them even EXISTING? Either way, it’s fucked up. But, that’s really their problem and not mine.

They aren’t his “interns”, though Team Soso may have bought them off to sabotage him. They’d have to censor the entire entertainment industry then because literally everyone knows the truth. The Rat did the right thing by shutting that Melosyna LARP down though. Like we didn’t figure out who she was working for 🙄…

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