Trumps not even president anymore and people are still reblogging anti-Trump posts. I don’t get why these people are so fucking toxic. They got what they want and all they do is trash working class Trump supporters all day. I’m thinking Trump was never the problem (yeah he was “different” and “special” lol which made him a nice punching bag for angry, bitter people with unresolved issues) but damn Trump’s not even your president anymore & they keep spewing the hatred. Smdh

Tell me about it. They don’t stop to think about how their own criminal incompetence and dictatorial intolerance lead to a populist countermovement. Cheeto simply aligned himself with that, he’s isn’t the root cause of the acrimonious feud between the Left and the Right. He’s become a convenient bogeyman for the Uniparty which still refuses to clean up it’s act…

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