“BREAKING: Children at one facility in south Texas are ‘going hungry and are only able to shower once every seven days as the center is at 729% of its legal capacity, per CBS” ——— Where are HWood idiots? Where is AOC and others that used to be outraged about “kids in cages”? Why aren’t they on the TX border helping “starving minors in shipping containers”? Why does Dementia Joe hide somewhere in the WH? Crazy Piglosi is blaming Trump today. Ha-ha-ha (deep breath) ha-ha-ha Mexican President (1)

Sleepy’s a puppet of Banksters who weaponize mass migration and AMLO knows this. He is very upset because Mexico is footing part of the bill and has had to militarize their southern border. Soon this Admin will get so much pushback that they’ll have no choice but to stop the uncontrolled flow of migrants. In the meantime however they will continue doing their paymasters’ bidding.

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