I know you’re not comfortable with vaccines (and that’s your perogative, your body your decisions—and I respect that). But isn’t it funny how the Left are taking all the credit for “vaccinating Americans” (while demonising Republicans) when no vaccine was finalised/available while Orange Man Bad was in office? When people act like fools like that, it makes it hard for me to believe Americans put a man on the moon. LOL. Don’t even get me started on acknowledging the pandemic started in China. WTF

I know too much about Big Pharma not to be wary and have relatives that aren’t getting it precisely because they’ve been on the inside so to speak. Cheeto made the jab optional but worked to make it readily available as a means of silencing his critics. That proved to be an impossible task because they were dead-set on shittalking OMB no matter what. In fact? They still are in order to distract from Sleepy’s disastrous performance!

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