Have you seen The Mauritanian yet? Just wondering, if so, what did you think? I actually liked it. I will say, Zarachy Levi is a bit of a chunky monkey now! But in a good way! Hardly recognized him! BC was okay, the accent wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. I felt like it was too concise. This could’ve been a really great mini-series. It just felt too short to me.

I haven’t watched the whole movie yet but from what I’ve seen Rahim is quite good. I’m surprised that he wasn’t nommed for anything instead of Jodie Foster but that much was sadly predictable. Ben’s accent isn’t bad, it’s just inaccurate and again I don’t fault him because a few sessions with a dialect coach aren’t enough. He needed someone to dictate each line phonetically to get it just right. You can’t master such a nuanced regional accent in the short amount of time he had. He was busy researching the character which was made more challenging by the fact that it’s a real person who’s still alive. I do agree that longer novels are best adapted into limited series. In feature films you often have to leave entire scenes out because of limits on runtime.

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