Get Breed out 😠!

This is bullshit. The Church needs to step in and pay for the funding. It definitely has the money to help, just like it could rebuild Notre Dame, if it wanted. It boggles my mind how so many parishes fundraise and then send the money to the Archdiocese and on, to help others…but then when disaster strikes, they are left on their own. If it doesn’t work like a Charity/non-profit, then it should lose that standing and get taxed. And for the record, it’s shit like this that completely nullifies the Conservative argument that Churches and private donations should be relied on to help others. TAX THE RICH, including the CHURCHES. And I say this as a Catholic.

I’ll tell you what’s BS, Breed and Garcetti’s penchant for urban decay. They are deliberately keeping places of worship and many small businesses closed while allowing Westfield Mall to remain open. Let’s not kid ourselves here, how many taxes is Benioff paying? Brin? Zuckerberg? Not enough because they are experts at finding tax loopholes. The government does nothing to close them or even incentivise giving something back to local communities. There is precious little in the way of social responsibility, the Church though far from perfect is still a lot better in that regard. For the record, I myself have denounced the greed and corruption of the high clergy all the way up to the Vatican.

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