What would likely happen if a tbmc system went fully non contact with their main abuser? And is this different to if the abuser died?Thank you


Going no contact the system knows the abuser is alive and often attempts to return, or establish contact with them. As long as the abuser is alive, parts in the system will ‘hope’ they can one day return. These alters and their concerns, loyalty, and attachment with their abuser can and hopefully are addressed.

The programming will eventually weaken without contact, some programs, like call back programs can run their course with support of people and internal helpers.

When the main abuser dies, it tends to throw the system into disarray on a deeper level as there is no hope for contact, making amends, or being accepted back.  

Loyal alters experience deep grief, confusion, loneliness, and a sense of being lost.  Suicide programming may be triggered depending on if programming was linked to the death of the abuser.

Programming will begin to unravel at some point.


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