People can be so hateful toward raisins. Isn’t it bad enough that they’re dried when they could’ve become wine? Have some empathy toward raisonnés. Don’t be à raison hâter. Anyway, i just came to ask, do you like watching Korean pet grooming videos on YouTube? They are so satisfying. People come in with these filthy animals and they come out perfectly groomed into a ball-shaped furball. Thought you’d be interested to know if UU don’t already.

Dried fruit may not be my raisin d’etre but I do like using it in recipes. Raisins can also be redeemed by making them into ratafia. What’s interesting about East Asian dog groomers is that they base pet cuts more on the characteristics of each dog. In the West it’s somewhat less varied as groomers tend to adhere more closely to standardized cuts for each breed.

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