I have a friend Elon Musk’s age. He was one of the first confirmed cases of Covid in his county last March. He’s still sick.

Top immunologists are warning that the Rona jab can cause serious side effects and that it fails to bring about sterilizing immunity. It’s important to note that this is the gold standard for any vaccine’s efficacy! You have to decide for yourself if the risks outweigh any purported benefits. With 60+ coronavirus strains floating around prophylaxis is really our best bet in the long run. In multiple studies the key variable that determined the severity of Rona symptoms was blood serum levels of Vitamin D3. Anything under 30 ng/ml puts you at a much higher risk of hospitalization. Since I work in a clinical setting I take pharmaceutical grade 50K IU once per week. I had URTIs a few times but since I’ve followed this regimen I haven’t even come down with the flu so it definitely helps.

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