Meghan Markle following ‘well-worn path’ into US politics – ‘Her ego knows no bounds’


MEGHAN MARKLE is following a “well-worn path” into US politics, a political strategist has claimed, which has prompted fury from a royal insider who says the Duchess’ “ego knows no bounds”

.By EMILY FERGUSONPUBLISHED: 09:05, Sat, Feb 13, 2021 | UPDATED: 09:43, Sat, Feb 13, 2021

Meghan Markle is following in the footsteps of US celebrities who have decided to embark on a political career, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, a prominent Democratic strategist has claimed. Mike Trujillo said the Duchess is “definitely putting her toe in the water” and predicted it won’t be long until she decided to fully enter the political arena

He told the Times: “She’s doing everything that’s appropriate and allowed given her new position but she’s definitely putting her toe in the water.

“And once your toe is in the water your whole foot is in and next thing you know you are knee-deep and then you are fully in.”

Mr Trujillo believed Meghan and Harry’s foundation, which they are yet to officially launch, is also a stepping stone into politics.

But one source believed Meghan was not concerned with entering politics at the moment, and was instead focusing on “making money”.

They told the newspaper: “I don’t really think she has political ambitions now. But her ego knows no bounds, so maybe she is keeping the door open.

The antipathy that most of the UK and US public feels towards her also knows no bounds. They’d sooner vote for Gruesome again than for this clueless tart. Feeding her delusions is about the stupidest thing you can do 🙄…

Meghan Markle following ‘well-worn path’ into US politics – ‘Her ego knows no bounds’

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