“The Senate just passed an amendment from @SenToddYoung and @SenTomCotton to prohibit stimulus checks from going to illegal aliens! It passed 58-42, with even a handful of Democrats standing with American citizens at a critical time.” As I’ve said many times, the far left idiots will be getting it good and hard. It’s just the beginning. The best strategy for Orange Man is to stay away out of it. At the end of the show, he will state “I told you so …” Let Dementia Biden and KarmaLa continue (1)

A failed experiment which won’t last, Bernie told them so but they just keep at it. You know what’s really going to blow their stupid faces clean off? The Impeachment 2.0 circus. The Uniparty’s going to wish they never dragged Cheeto back into the public arena. Ditto for Dominion/Smartmatic’s suicidal lawsuit, the fact that the Defendants are laughing it off should worry them…

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