They are tacitly admitting to election rigging, these people are stupid 🤦…

What? Where in the article does it actually say that? How is “even the big corporations were scared of what Trump was doing to the country and the economy, so they campaigned for Biden” equal election rigging? And sorry, but if it’s okay for the GOP to get endorsements from Big Corp America, then it can’t be rigging if those Corps decide to swing to the Dems. And it never would have happened if Trump had been a halfway decent President!

Because that included overt censorship of the Center-Right by Big Tech which is patently illegal. Sleepy’s performance as VP under Obummer was subpar, I don’t know how people expected him to do better than Cheeto. Objectively speaking, Cheeto wasn’t doing that badly until the Rona hit. You also have to take into account that his Admin was being sabotaged by the Uniparty from Day One. He was still the more popular candidate so Sleepy had to call in a lot of favors to “win”. Problem now is that some of Sleepy’s backers are realizing that he’s not going to deliver on his promises to them either. Now that the honeymoon’s over even MSM will become increasingly critical of him…

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