“Democracy dies in the darkness”? Huh? Very true about the Lincoln Project. But the truth is finally out. HWood, Dems, and the whole left media apparatus were heavily involved into the promotion of the child groomer LP. Everyone knew everything months ago. Did those journalists that supported the LP even realize that among young men groomed by Wilson was an underage boy?

Indeed, they can’t behave themselves and therein lies their Achilles heel. The Atlantic knew about that guy’s proclivities years ago. After Cheeto met with McCarthy I knew that he would keep working with the GOP on the condition that disloyal RINOs like those belonging to the Lincoln Project be purged. The Lincoln Project lost even more credibility when they hired Maggot to do a VO for one of their ads. Now they are trying to sue RudyG over his Capitol Riot claims. They deserve this scandal and more…

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