They are entirely different.

The Rothschilds are evil Sabbatean-Frankists (not real Jews) who indirectly cause fires because they are majority shareholders in PG&E. PG&E has 100 year old power lines that they still haven’t replaced. These routinely catch fire but Gruesome lets that slide because they donated a lot of moolah to his campaign. There are signs that the horrific Paradise Fire was a result of arson, signs consistent with the use of DEWs mounted on large drones. These are very real, educate yourselves more instead of regurgitating everything MSM spoon feeds you. AOC is an actress and front woman for the Justice Democrats many of whom are hardcore Socialists, too many of them in Congress would swing policies too far Left. Ours is not a Direct Democracy but a Constitutional Republic and the vast majority of Americans are Center-Right, politically speaking. These are two facts that you need to keep in mind when electing Representatives.

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