That mega-post was both fascinating and wonderfully unbiased & very fait on both genders. Speaking of biased, does that mean TEH NANNIES have no chance with benedict?? 🤣😽 Mind you, I disagree with you on a lot of things when it comes to Sophie (I actually quite like her) but I just CANNOT stand the nannies’ fawning. Benny’s just a human being. I can’t stand their self-righteousness & the fact that you have stalkers running commentary blogs on everything you say tell me they’re the crazy ones.

Oh great, another flying PR monkey 😒. Do you stan Maggot and Hungry Heard too? You must really hate Bendy then considering that SoFail’s tried to kill him before. See, most of us Skeptics know way too much about that deranged slag to feel anything other than loathing towards her. You are, however, correct in that the Ubers are about as crazy as she is.

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