Hey, it’s pretty nice here in Gitmo with the rest of the cannibalistic pedophiles. I’m currently handcuffed to Tom Hanks which is making my husband a little jealous. Also, he’s mad about our TV reception due to all those world wide blackouts. However, JFK jr has promised to fix it all, after Trump signs the insurrection act and they both take over. Meanwhile, the food here is pretty damned good ( my husband makes great brunches). Have a nice day.

Your favs have been dropping like flies from high rises recently, why is that? Why was GITMO itself expanded by over 200%? Why is Piglosi so scared of Ellis? The widespread blackouts were covered by various foreign news agencies, maybe you should tune in more often 🤷‍♀️? I imagine it always looks dark when you’ve got your head permanently stuck up your ass. You mean your rentboy is making some top ramen for you? An ugly slag like you wouldn’t know how to boil water in a microwave and has to pay for company. Didn’t you get the memo? This doesn’t hinge on any one person, we aren’t going anywhere and the fun has only just begun 😏…

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