Hey aeltri, saw you RT “Congress should impeach themselves next for sending billions of dollars overseas & giving the average American suffering $600.” on twitter. The worst part about it is all that money sent “overseas” as “aid” isn’t even an act of kindness. Its just your government’s way of neo-colonialising/imperialism. I liked Trump in office. Those of us outside America saw it as an era where America minded its own business & never started a war, wasting lives. I’ll miss Orange Man BAAAAD

The kickbacks continue, you know they are going to ask for part of that “aid” to be wired to their Swiss bank accounts later on. I think many Americans on both sides of the political spectrum are realizing that we’ve all been had by the crooks on Capitol Hill. Look at how many RINOs flipped on Cheeto willy-nilly before proof started coming in that Antifa/BLM had planned out the raid on 1/6. I told y’all to keep an eye on Sullivan and now even MSM is admitting that he’s a BLM agent provocateur! Now the Dems are acting as if St. Sleepy can miraculously make the Rona go away. Suddenly Dem Governors are talking about reopening after months of revolving lockdowns? AOC deleted a Tweet where she outlined using business closures as a political weapon against Cheeto. Piglosi openly admitted that she sidelined a streamlined stimulus package for the same reason! She and Mitch only greenlighted the great Porkulus Omnibus until they were good and ready. Who cares if people starved, died from lack of preventative medical care, from suicide and half of all small businesses went belly up, right? As an added bonus, totalitarian Big Tech and bloated corporate scavengers like Amazon get their minions into the new Admin! It’s a win-win for the Globalist overclass. See how they are all in it together? Like I said before, I don’t particularly like Cheeto’s style but the alternative is far worse. BTW, based on the leaks we’re getting I wouldn’t count Team Cheeto out just yet. I’m hearing Cheeto, Flynn and Powell just had a come-to-Jesus meeting with Piglosi 😉…

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