Why the fuck does Kamala care so much about a cover in which she wears Converse shoes. I’d be ashamed of fussing about something like that, makes me come off self-important & taking myself too seriously. People with real substance don’t give a shit how they’re portrayed because they’re confident of what they have. She’s coming off like a megalomaniac. Also I’m not white and I wouldn’t give a shit if they photoshopped me lighter as long as I my WORDS are never misquoted/misconstrued.How shallow.

She’s an unscrupulous political chameleon that makes Obummer look genuine. I tried to warn people that Sleepy was being used as bait to get gullible Libtards to accept an even crappier puppet POTUS. Her own party gave her a 2% approval rating FFS and we know Heels Up all too well up here in NorCal.

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