The nannies are already planning set visits to DS2. Can’t they leave him alone? Ds2 is also supposed to try to film Exteriors in NY and Norway? I think. Don’t know how they are going to pull that one off. NY isn’t doing much right now and the US is talking a second wave in Sept or Oct. Some of the schools aren’t going to open on the east coast even.



I know. When they do the exterior filming, they will probably totally close the street/area. And not allow lookey-loos. That’s the only way I can see it working

On a serious note, they don’t seem to understand that DS2 production plans are probably going to change…a lot:

There’s already talk of a Second Wave but they can’t keep postponing releases. It’s going to require more sets and digital SFX but with facilities like Pinewood Studios at their disposal filming in multiple locations isn’t an absolute necessity. Atlanta would probably make more sense than the UK in that case.

Called it! Damn I’m good 😎:

Tier 5 will prove unworkable and with 5-6 figure losses per day plus a looming deadline? I predict that DS2 production will be moved back to the US ahead of schedule 🤷‍♀️…

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