They’re really not doing any better than us.

Some countries are about the same, some better, some worse.

Saw some countries are on the verge of ‘rationing care’ which is shorthand for prioritizing the ones most likely to make it through and continue to contribute to society and make an effort to make the remainder comfortable while they die.

Granted they’re looking at that here in CA too, because gavin can’t get his shit straight and at a bare minimum stop sending sick prisoners to uninfected prisons.

I’ve seen people make similar arguments about East Asian countries – especially Vietnam – vs Western ones.

Of course, Miss Wilder’s tweet conveniently ignores, say, Italy. And as someone living in the UK which just got out of it’s second lockdown and then introduced a new tier of restrictions, it’s kind of hilarious to see this.

Currently in Italy, and it’s becoming excessive.

You need to carry papers that show where you’re going (we can only go to work or the grocery store since the country is in red status).

They’ve been going into people’s homes and counting people if they notice a social gathering.

On orange classification days, you can’t travel outside of your municipality after 2 pm, and overnight stays are banned unless it’s a hotel.

I understand that hard times = hard measures, and that it’s our civic duty to do what’s in the best interest of public health, but this is excessive. Under these rules, you can get fined 1000 euro for exercising outside, even if socially distanced.

It’s getting out of hand, especially because Italy was considered one of the countries that beat covid, and despite these stringent measures it has come back just as bad.

Americans, appreciate that you aren’t being mandated to do these things. It’s restrictive and excessive. I’ve spent 12/52 weeks of 2020 in government-mandated quarantines, which were being put in a one room area with no amenities and told to not come out except for 3x 40 minute meals a day, for 2 weeks at a time.

I wore the mask, did all that quarantine, followed the restrictions to a T, still got covid.

Appreciate that the US isn’t enforcing the lockdowns, even if the rhetoric that can come with that perspective is toxic. Appreciate that people are risking to provide for themselves and services for you, because it’s pretty barren over here.

I could understand if OP was posting in, say, March, but not [checks] July 2020 when she was blatantly wrong. 

In May, the UK had “the highest [death toll] in Europe and second highest in the world”. In July, we had just ended mandatory self-isolation for travelers.

Also, five bucks says she supports BLM, which spread COVID if anything did.

These folks aren’t rationalist science followers, they’re lockdown stans.

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