Bune, 26th Duke of Hell



This is the most accurate depiction I could find, save that it’s kingly head is actually in the center, it’s wings are more batlike and it has a barbed tail. I saw Bune many years ago in a vision, where it was summoned by people who looked like the cream of society. I saw dignitaries and nobility dressed in full regalia standing at the front. Take note that this was well before I knew anything about Demonology. I had to look up a description of what I had seen in order to figure out what and who it was. Given the fact that the place looked like the interior of a great Cathedral I sometimes wonder if what I saw happened in Rome. If so it coincided perfectly with Father Malachi Martin’s testimony which I also read about just recently. The floor mosaics looked awfully familiar. The truth is that my line has the Second Sight, we’ve been well aware of this for the last 3 generations. You can’t disprove the truth because as they say, it is self-evident. These beings are as real as we are and very dangerous to bargain with. Any modern day ‘skeptical’ Svengali would do best to steer clear of things that he has no natural aptitude for. Do you program too? You know who you are, you quack. Just because you and SoFail are complete frauds doesn’t mean everyone else is…

All roads lead to Rome.

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