Are you *finally* going to admit your fetid pal Aeltrileaf is a fascist and needs to be ignored and block? Or are you going to keep defending her? Because she had no problems with right-wing terrorists trying to overthrow the election results.


Nope. She’s like a lot of other people who have been conned into thinking they are protecting the country from the extremists. Good people who believe a line of BS. I’m not defending her, she’s capable of doing that for herself. I happen to disagree with her on politics and America’s situation. We can publicly debate about it, because we understand we are both adults.

You know who censors everyone? Fascists like OP. I may not agree with certain views but I don’t block people unless they harass me. To each his/her own, it’s not my job to thought police anyone. I’m not being fooled and this isn’t what any of us Moderates wanted. However, we did warn that this is what can happen when you disenfranchise citizens and drive them to ruin through draconian edicts. They’ve nothing left to lose and will risk everything so that this intolerable situation doesn’t continue…

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