Did Meghan Steal Lauren Foster, Founder & CEO of the Now-Defunct Stretch Recipes’ Identity?

This is Lauren Foster. She is known for her tech start-up grocery & recipe app Stretch Recipes. She was well on her way to being very successful. But shortly after Harry & Meghan’s royal wedding, Stretch Recipes tanked, and there are signs that point to something more sinister than just a fleeting business venture.

Lauren went public around the time of Harry & Meghan’s engagement, claiming she was propositioned by backers here in the U.S. (Lauren is from Texas), asking her if she would be interested in marrying a prince, and playing a game. This game involved essentially ruining Harry & the rest of the royals. These backers, who aren’t identified, wanted Lauren to pretend to fall in love with Harry, marry him, and then purposely sabotage his life.

Lauren didn’t give it a second thought. She turned down the offer, claiming to care about prince Harry, and that she couldn’t do that to him. Enter Meghan Markle; Lauren claims that Meghan Markle hastely volunteered for the job, without a second thought. Lauren hints that Meghan stole her identity, by starting to dres like her, act like her, and look like her. Even the “Roasting chicken” comment during the engagement interview was a subtle nod to Lauren, as her Stretch Recipe business specializes in roasted chicken. This all seems so bizarre to me. Who were these “backers”? Why did they approach a bi-racial Texan woman before Meghan stole the gig? And why are they trying to sabotage the Royal Family?

Lauren posted this to her social media account around the time of the royal wedding. It has since been deleted. She insinuates that something more sinister is going on behind the scenes where Meghan is concerned (we knew that already though). I found myself really considering the possibility that Harry & the other royals are genuinely being blackmailed by Markle and her “backers” (cough Obama’s/Clinton’s cough, SoHo House/Markus Anderson cough cough) I am convinced it leads back to Epstein, because what are the odds that all of Meghan’s backers have connections to Epstein, and she doesn’t? Yeah, not a chance.

I also believe that the constant Princess Diana references MeGain continues to exploit on social media are subtle threats, meant to remind the royals the power she yields over them. That all she has to do is send a single text, and catastrophic information on the royals would be released to the world. I believe she is possibly blackmailing them with information on Dianans real cause of death (remember, a jury returned a verdict of “unlawful killing”).

I’m going to switch gears here and talk about Pub-gate. Recent photos have surfaced of Harry & Meghan with Archie inside of the Pub that claimed they were never there. I was looking at the photos, and I couldn’t help but notice how the outfit that Archie is wearing looks incredibly similar to the outfit he was wearing on Fathers Day, for his first official photo…. back in May…. when he was only a few weeks old. Check it out:

Here’s the recent pub photo of Archie

And here’s the photo from Fathers Day. The outfit looks exactly the same. This really isn’t that surprising, though. We all know Archie doesn’t exist. How can he be wearing the same outfit from when he was a literal newborn? He’s over 4, almost 5 months old now! But there’s more;

I found this post on Skippy’s Tumblr. It’s the metadata from the pub photos 😆. Once again, the metadata proves the photos were staged. They were taken on 9/17/19… the same day they were released to the media. Again, it’s not surprising. They’ve staged & photoshopped their photos before, and the metadata thew them under the bus those other times too. When will they learn?

And today’s kicker? An article claiming Piers Morgan is “Sick” after speaking out about the Duke & duchess’ hypocracy. Frankly, I applaud Piers Morgan, for speaking up and saying publicly, on his global platform, what we cannot. We feel you, Piers. Really we do.

Ain’t that the truth! On the bright side, at least we can look forward to Harry & Meghan being more self-aware, and actively trying to avoid controversy & drama.

Just kidding!

This was the post I was looking for do you need to re-read this one very interesting

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