Noticed you say you “still have your grooming table”, were you a dog-groomer? Did you groom cats too? I haven’t taken my cats to the groomers’ since the lockdowns started. Lol. They’re damn filthy now and I had to administer the anti-flee stuff myself.

It’s worth investing in basic tools at least, like a pin brush and a dematter. Cats respond best to gentle sponge bathing, it’s the sound of running water that frightens them the most. With snow white eskimo dogs and persian cats? I learned as much as I could out of necessity, I like to keep my pets tidy and it got very expensive to have it done at the grooming salon. On top of that groomers didn’t always do a good job. Pretty soon I was grooming my mom’s bichons and then an acquaintance brought me her ornery toy poodle. He’d been kicked out of more than one place for nipping but by the second time I groomed him he fell asleep at the table. She said it was a miracle, I have a way with animals ☺️…

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